Friday, 29 April 2011

A Language Of Nature!!

‎"There must be a language that does not depend on words...." - The Alchemist.

Each one of us need to spend some quality time with ourselves, to figure out what we are, who we can be, where we come from, and finally where we are headed towards. My dear reader, you must be thinking how i am going to connect this statement to Nature. Alright then, take a minute out and go back to what i have quoted from the famous Paulo Coelho. 

I don't know how many of you would agree with me but i feel this strongly that the time spent alone is the time with Nature. Most of us fail to understand the connections that we share with 'Her'. Come to think of it. Don't you feel that soft breeze blowing over your face trying to talk to you, when you are walking alone along the deserted lane?

The water-flowing let's me know about the journey to move on.....

How do you feel when you hear the birds chirping to the tunes that you keep humming to yourself while sitting on a bench right by the river bank? 

I realized this fact nearly four years ago when i started my daily swimming lessons.

The feel of the water gripping you tight, right after you plunge into it is a beautiful experience. A feeling of going numb with nothing but the gushing sound of waters makes you forget everything that's bothering you, even if it's for a time being.

You see, Nature has it's own way, it's own language of making you strong and weak. Happy and sad. Love and Hate. The sudden storm, and the unusual placid behaviour of Nature, signifies just what we feel within ourselves. 

What i have written rather 'scribbled' down might seem totally unsinkable to many and yet if you think about it, you will find an incredible relationship with Her. Let's learn the language of Nature...Let's learn to live alone.....

Finally, the reason behind my dedicating the first blog to Nature. When someone is happy, complete with joy and breathes in the purest of air, stars tend to shine down on them. They help to guide you.  STARS!! Nature's part in the firmament....

And so i named my blog...and so my first blog...

I have a star in my life..Do you??