Friday, 30 December 2011


My last blog for the year of 2011. 

"It's not the years in life that count, it's the life in your years" 

A year gone by. Things changed. We changed. We changed situations, and situations changed us. 

Change is inevitable. It is the only thing that remains constant. Everything else is just a matter of time. It's been a year of happiness. A year of sadness. A year that has given me ample and yet has taken away quite a lot. 

My grand-father passed away, a great loss to the family, to me. And I could do nothing. I regretted not having spent enough time with him. I miss him so much! I got an appraisal, happy moment to live for. My relationships grew stronger. I lost people, I gained people......
I don't know where to stop. Because I can't find the manner in which to begin. There are so many things to say and yet no right words to express it. The whole year surely didn't go for a waste, but it wasn't too fruitful either. I was  too much in a rush to even think of anything. Kept on running, kept on hunting, kept on striving to achieve the twinkling stars looking above. But I failed to look down, failed to stop, failed to stand for a moment and think. Even though I heard people calling me, asking me to stop and tag them along with me. Should I feel guilty? 

Everything happened so fast, like in a blink of an eye. And I never stood still. Not even for once. I ran with time. I perished. May be. 

Just two more days before the year ends and I can't figure out exactly where I stand. Too many people, too many memories, too many talks, too many reactions, too many voices shouting out! Crowd! Yet NOTHING. 

Was I a loser, was I a winner? Was I! Was I! ! Did I make other people happy? Did others make me happy? Where are we today? Just building virtual relationships with people on the other side? What about the ones around us? Did we have time enough for them?

As we witness another beginning, make yourself understand that it is not your job, money or any other materialistic things in life that will make you happy, it is the ones whom you have grown with. Who have grown with you. Love them, respect them, stand beside them when there is still time.

A day will come when they will not be there anymore and that day all you are going to do is regret, like I did. So, this year without a second thought resolute to stay with your loved ones. Give them time. Love them, hug them and tell them how glad you are to have them in your life. 

Before they CHANGE. And go away.....

Monday, 12 December 2011

Tick Tock Goes The Clock....

"They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself" - Andy Warhol

TIME. It's ticking.  

Sounds a little off to many but the statement surely explains a lot to quite a few people. At least it does to me. Time, they say changes everything, well? Now how true can that be when it is you who needs to solve matters. It is you who needs to forget the past, it is you who needs to mend situations, it is you who needs to think, act, react, judge and take control of your life. 

So, you still think it's Time, who is kind of cool! Tick tock goes the clock, and all you do is wait, wait till it's all over, wait for things to go haywire, wait for nothing to work out anymore. And finally end of it all, you find Time has betrayed you yet another time and run away. 

Good times, bad times, better times and worse times. You can hold nothing back. But there is surely one thing you can hold on to. Yourself. It is yourself that makes you keep going and not Time. The best time comes to you because you have earned it, the reason you go through the worst time at some point in your life, is because you deserved it. You are responsible for everything that happens, and not Time. Because you have underestimated yourself and have let others do so too. So, where is She playing a role in this?
Do you feel you can trust Her? Hang on, can you see Her mocking at you? Can you see Her playing games wearing a cloak of disguise? Can you see how relentlessly She is trying Her best to tick faster? And you like a fool are just waiting. Waiting for your life to settle, waiting for the right path to curve itself. Your anticipation never seem to seize. Does it? It goes on flowing with every heart beat and you become completely oblivious to the fact that She is gone! A Time gone forever. 

And once again She fooled you! And you have let Her. What are you doing now, crying it out? Poor you!

It is an inevitable mistake that you commit, I commit, everyone of us commit. We trust Time. We keep faith in her to mend situations, people and circumstances. Bring a change in your life. Act now. Be a survivor and guard yourself. Be a player and win it all. Be life and live it. 

Look at Her, she is ticking away to glory! 

Friday, 9 December 2011


"Hope is when you know you need to let go, but hold on anyway"

Learn to let go of your hopes. Sometimes. 

With hope comes pains and suffering, isn't it? You hope for something big, you hope for something small. You hope for nothing. And finally where does it all take you. Nowhere. Just about nowhere.

Stop hoping, please and move on. Trust me, it will cost you nothing. What you are clinging on to might have already gone. Stop holding on to it. I know, I know it is very difficult to let go. But try at least. It will save your life and not harm you.   

There will come a time when you are going to laugh at your past. Have patience to wait for that celestial hour in your life. Hope with things that are going to be worth it in the end. Give away your hope to people who would respect it. It might feel to be a seamless impossibility, but relax, you will be rewarded.

Almost all of us like the pain of hoping against hope. Almost all of us are ruthless lovers and friends. Almost all of us are pathetic at trying to live life! Hang on, wait, take your time, contemplate, get over it and MOVE ON!

Hoping is not a crime, but inflicting pain on yourself is. There is nothing wrong in expecting, but there is nothing right either, in wronging your being for someone or something that will not make you happy.

When was the last time you let go of something dear to you, easily? When was the last time you thought just for yourself? When was the last time you sacrificed something thinking about your own happiness in the future? Do you remember? It's ok, neither do I. Incorrigible aren't we? 

Hope like a child, so that you can forget about it soon. Treat every hope like a mirage. Treat each of your hope like sand. Don't run towards it, don't grip it too hard. Hope will keep coming back to you in a different disguise every time. You just have to learn to let it go.

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Importance of Trust in a Relationship

It's a small 5-letter word. And yet the absence of it can make everything seem worthless. Without it, you won't see eye-to-eye with a person. Without it you'd wish you die rather than share your space, your heart with that one person. Without trust, relationships crumble. 

So, how deep is the importance of trust? Too much. When you love someone, your love towards them is reciprocated on how they trust you. Trust is the face of love. Without it, there is no love. Without it, there is no respect. Through trust you measure the depth of the relationship. You'd not trust your colleague like you trust your parents now, isn't it? 

However, the reason for writing this post isn't on just the importance of trust, it's on how trust is increasingly vanishing in relationships all around. Saddening.

Trust is like the winter fog. The morning fog truly brings the joy of the season, isn't it? Similarly, without trust, no matter how entwined you are in the other person's life, there still be that one reason to separate you two. You may comment on that other person's post every time he/she updates it, but your relationship wouldn't hold ground if you don't share your darkest fears. 

The crux of any relationship is trust. Without trust, misunderstandings creep in. With misunderstanding, the inevitable fights, and with that, a closed chapter. A closed chapter in case of a relationship is easier said than done. When you trust someone blindly till the very end, it's difficult to walk the same line after you are hurt. However, we humans love to commit mistakes time and again. And we inevitably begin trusting someone, anyone.

The need of the hour isn't to stop trusting anyone. It's about choosing the right person for showering our trust. When we trust someone so deeply, we might as well do that with a little forethought. Take some time out from your busy schedule and sit down to think about the people who really care for you. Not the ones who remember you for that one favor, not the ones who wish you on Facebook on your birthday. But the ones who just need a phone call to be right there beside you, who know your saddest thoughts, who know your deepest desires.

Often, we make the simple mistake of not being able to differentiate between the ones whom we trust and the ones who trust us. It's not a necessity that the ones you trust will trust you in return. So, forgive yourself and find the true gems, the ones who trust you, and make them feel special.

An earnest request of mine  - Trust the one who loves you. He/she will feel loved..will feel happy.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


 “No one else can ever make your choices for you. Your choices are yours alone. They are as much a part of you as every breath you will take, every moment of your life.” - Anonymous

Choices...They can kill you. 

Standing at one of those crossroads of life, I have understood and realized  that each step we take is intricately woven with a choice. A choice that we had to make at the cost of hurting people.  But, nothing really comes free. 

You stand in the middle with a wide 'elastic' string in your hand. Two of your loved ones stand at each end. Both of them tug and pull, to drag you to their side, making it more difficult for you to stand balanced. But you try hard to remain neutral, try your best not to be biased, not to defend any one of the two. But you fail so miserably. 

Both of them keep questions in front of you, questions you find difficult to answer. Questions that compel you to question yourself. But, your mind suddenly starts acting like a jigsaw puzzle. But how long are you going to stand there. You need to move forward, take a step. You know you can't last long, you have to make a CHOICE.

...And what's worse, you can't afford to look back. Yet, your past pulls you behind like a magnet, making you think of all choices that you had made, choices and decisions that were so wrong that it nearly took away your sanity. 

But now, you need to let go of the past feelings. You need to concentrate on the current choice that you need to make. A wrong step would prove to be fatal. Any side of the string you go, the other side would stretch away with the elastic string, and finally you would be left with nothing but a 'broken string'. 

But, you would not like to lose any of the two persons, you can't afford to. You bang your head, you cry aloud, go through sleepless nights, lose your sanity, and you just can't come out with a solution. 

You know, that no matter what choice you make, it is going to go against you! But then you ask yourself, if it's going to be worth it in the end. With choice comes a sacrifice. A cost. What if the one you sacrifice it all for is not worth anything? What if, you lose yourself in the process? What if nothing works out and all your loved ones go against you in the end, just because of this one choice that you make now? What if, ten years down the line you find no one by your side. Not even the one you made the choice for? 

What if, what if, what if.......It's all so nightmarish!

Every one of us go through such a crucial and cruel point in life when we need to decide on something. For someone. While some choices made prove fruitful, maximum of the others just go for a complete toss. 

But you know what, it's ok. It's ok as long as you don't lose faith in yourself. It' ok as long as you believe you have taken the right decision. It's ok if you feel that it is all going to be worth if not forever but for few  special moments in life....

No one makes the choice for you. It's perfectly fine, because it's your choice. You made the choice because you fell in love with it. Be possessive about it. Because your CHOICE is yours alone. 

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Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Fanatical Search For The Missing Clue

"The nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know there is a solution." - Stephen Sondheim.

But what about life? I wish life was a crossword puzzle too, at least then I would know that there is a solution, all i needed to do was find out what that was. However, it is a topsy turvy thing with life. You and every one around you are puzzled and dazed, with not knowing what to do....

Every one of us are dealing with problems, while only very few are solved, most of our problems do not have an end. We search and we search for a solution fanatically, but what's the point? We think it's solved, when it comes back to us as fast as a boomerang hitting us harder on the head. We remain injured, seriously injured, but you know what?...

There is no healing!

While you might think what you are dealing with is the worst that can happen to anyone, there is another person, may be a stranger, walking right past you, who might be even more unfortunate than you are. 

Everyone is going berserk! Ouch! 

Each one of us feel the same way. But what drives me completely crazy is when I can't figure what exactly is wrong. I mean , if you think hard, you might realize that there is no real problem that surrounds us most of the times, but still we are unhappy and discontented with what we have. So where does it all lie? Can it be only in our subconscious? Are we crazy bunch of being living in a disastrously complex world that is destroying everything around us, our relationships, things we love and finally breaking 'US' and leaving us so fragile? And all of this without any reason whatsoever? 

All of us are living with completely different problems, but what connects each of us is the fact that we never seem to find that last remaining piece that would complete the puzzle. We are fanatically searching for the missing clue. 

And the worst feeling is when we are not able to decipher what or where the whole trouble lies. We blame people, people blame us, we blame ourselves and people approve of that.  And it goes on and on like a cycle, that would never end.  It;s so complex that it tires me to even pen down these thoughts...

Just wishing that at least once in life we are able to find the missing clue.....

So that we can take that one last missing piece of life's puzzle to our graves. 

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Monday, 10 October 2011

How Much Are You Worth?

"Self-worth comes from one thing - thinking that you are worthy". Wayne Dyer

Just how much are you worth, to yourself and others around you? A penny, million dollars or priceless? Have you ever given it a thought? You might be leading a life, when you are loved and truly cared for. But there comes a time when your being starts to lose a meaning to your loved one and you start doubting yourself.

In life, it is important to stand up for yourself, voice your opinion, live your own life and do what you want to do. But love and care almost always binds you in doing something else just to see that sparkling smile on his face. And you are completely satisfied and happy doing it, like joyous that you are! You are gonna go all the way, break rules, step beyond boundaries to love him and do everything you can....

But then there comes day when you are bound to question yourself what is exactly your worth? You are going to find people telling you that your one mistake, a single wrong-doing leaves everything you ever did, UNDONE! You hear that, believe in it and you break down. What utterances! What loud words! Incapable of you to take it in! But then you do, you comply thinking yourself to be absolutely unworthy for the person's love and care! 

But still you live and you love, because that one person is rooted there beside you like your pillar.....

But wait, there is a question I keep asking myself. What is more vital for my living being - what others think of me, or what I think of myself. Is it really important to take in how others judge me, or where I see myself standing? But then all goes in vain when you have already believed in their words. 

You are going to come across people, in varieties. While some would stay, others would leave. Some with footprints, and others silently. Your parents, friends, lovers, all of them might judge you from time to time. Blame you, confront you, question you, break you and again make you, because they love you with all their mighty hearts.

Living life with people around, it is not quite possible to live on our own terms. And you should not, not worth it! But what you can do is, believe in yourself, in who you are. Discover and find yourself from your own ashes. Remember you are priceless, a star that shines even in the darkest night. Value yourself if you want your loved ones to value you. Take yourself for granted....

Because for others you might be worth nothing. But to yourself you are worth everything. 

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Monday, 26 September 2011

My Size Is An 'XS'

Oh yes! I wear an XS size. And i love it! And also because nothing else fits me! I go wild trying to choose a dress. I love it. I go to the trial room to check if this fits me. I pray,and keep my fingers crossed. But shit! Not my type! I grow sad and I whine. And finally I always have people around trying to pamper me with something else at least. And then I find it, yes i find it. Wow! i look nice, I see myself a dozen times in the mirror before I buy it, finally. 

Does it happen to you too, girl!?

As long as I remain an 'XS'. Because there is something else that saddens me. Taking myself ten years down the line.....

There you go.......Six years married with two kids, and wearing a size of, uummmm! XL!! Oh no! For a woman, there is no nightmare more gross and horrific than her weight! Isn't it? But who would really care about her aspirations, dreams, wishes and wants? Who would actually have the time to ask her about her wellness? 

Ten years down the line she is going to be a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law and a home maker. Sacrificing her whole self towards every one around (if not already). No one is really going to care if she has had her breakfast, neither would anyone care for her sleep. She would spend sleepless nights feeding her baby, walking around the room and balcony, only to make the baby sleep. Who would care for her heavy breasts or her 'kurti' size? Who would care to even turn around and give her a second look, (coz she was once so beautiful!, and still is. People would just not mind, anymore, not looking at her).
She would only be judged for something that she has forgotten to work out, to do. She would only be judged for her mistakes. She would only be pointed at for not fulfilling a certain promise to her 'family'. Her life would solely depend on her future generations. She is going to be judged on how well she is bringing up and nurturing her children. 

She cannot take a wrong step, she cannot go beyond the boundary. She cannot cross a certain line. She needs to be the 'perfect' woman. There can be no word as 'tired', 'alone', 'rest' or 'comfort' in her dictionary. She would take care of everything and everyone but herself. But, who really cares! To make her voice heard, she would sound rude. So it's best to shut up! Right! 

For those who are an exception! Congratulations. For those who aren't, well, I am waiting for a solution. 

Can people just do one favour? There are terms called remembered and thankful. Keep these words in your dictionary, so that you don't forget to appreciate her when you have the 'time', a little from your busy schedule. 

And for all you girls! Till then enjoy your size 'XS'.

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

When You Are Gone....

I can't breathe. Air with it's invisible cruel hand, tries to throttle me. But every time i escape and i regret. I regret for being alive. I regret that i survive without you. I don't want days to favor me. I don't want the ticking clock to loan me more time. I don't need space. I don't want suffocation. I just want you. I want to fly with you. But my wings are broken...When you are gone. 

I am trying to feel free. I am moving on, but not with life. I am riding on wheels which have long lost their essence to be strong. I am weak on my knees. I hate this feeling, a feeling so hollow and empty. It never seems to go away. I am always amidst a crowd, laughing, smiling, sighing and dying within with loneliness....When you are gone. 

I am tired. I am thirsty to take a look at you. I am thirsty to feel you in my arms again. I am going insane trying to make people hear me out. To scream at them to leave me alone. I am dying out waiting, waiting to whisper sinfully on your lips. Waiting to give my eyes some rest. Waiting for my solace to come back to me. Waiting for you to fulfill everything that I lost....When you are gone.

I want you to be happy. Very happy. I want you to fulfill all your dreams. I want you to come and tell me how you have been. I want to listen you speak, and make love to your voice along with the whole of you.

You are my reason to breathe, hope, survive, and finally live counting every moment waiting and asking myself, how long more do i have to wait before i can love you with fulfillment? 

Because you are gone.....

But i will be in you again, with you forever more like your shadow.....And i know such feelings are going to worth it in the end, it has been all the while before i met you. And it will be.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Furry Best Friends

Ok, so he can't talk....And that's the only thing he can't do. So what?

He feels. He listens to and understands every little thing you mention. Every little thing you tell him. He cries when you scold him, he growls when angry, he wakes you up from sleep, he follows you to bed. He clings on to all your trying to make it his own, he detests in sharing you with an outsider. He is possessive....yes!

He lends a patient ear when you talk to him because you feel lonely and you don't have anybody else to talk to. He sits beside you when you read, he keeps secrets. He welcomes guests and makes them feel warm. He tries to stop you when you are leaving for the day, and complains when you are back. Yet loves you because you are finally back home. 

He hates getting his ears pulled, but he would love biting and licking you till he is satisfied. He becomes too obedient when given a treat but can take away your sleep if it's time for his snack. 

He wakes people up early morning because it's time for his walk, but hates getting disturbed when he takes a nap under the bed. He  nudges you with his wet nose right in the middle of the night, he pushes you off the bed when he doesn't get enough space to sleep. 

He loves, he cares, he protects like a best friend. He gives you company when the world is silent. He protects you when you are alone, and consoles you when you are weeping your heart out. He struggles with you, give you all the happiness of the world. 

The only thing wrong with him - He doesn't expect, hope, and want anything in return. He does not hate, or conspire. He is not ungrateful nor is he unfaithful. He doesn't desire, dream or wish. 

I guess they are everything that we humans are not.....That is what sets them apart. Entirely apart from the rest of the world.

They are the furry best friends.

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Dreams...and Mirage

The world, indeed, is like a dream and the treasures of the world are an alluring mirage! Like the apparent distances in a picture, things have no reality in themselves, but they are like heat haze.

Are you tired of running? Are you tired of dreaming dreams which would never become a reality? It's so natural. isn't it? Because these are really not dreams are they? We don't run behind dreams. We chase a mirage. 

You know, dreams are beautiful because a mirage is. If you have ever been fortunate enough to look at a mirage in reality, you would know how fabulous it looks from a distance, and you think that you finally reached your destination. You go near it, and a little nearer, and a little.....then you reach and there is  N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

Dreams make you feel exactly the way. They come to you, when you are in your most serenely state, getting a sound sleep. There is a slight hint of smile and a calmness on your eyes. Yes, you are dreaming a happy dream. You are far away, in a distant land, free from all pains, people you always wished to be with, a place where you always wanted to go, a life that you always wanted to have.....

Then you wake up, with a crystal teardrop flowing down from your glistening eyes, satisfied. Ah! But you find yourself back in the tragic reality. Bang! 

You think, you wish that your dream carried you on a little while more, you were enjoying it. Truly. But it was just another mirage trying to take you through the journey, a memorable the end of which you would find yourself in nothing but million grains on sand. That's it! 

Then again, it's all part of our lives. We dream splendid ones, and cry over them, because they always were, are and will be in our subconscious, nowhere else. 

Just like a mirage.....

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Into The Oblivion

"Blue oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me..." - William R. Bennet. 

We always talk of memories. Memories that break us, walk with us, and of course make us. We live with them and relive them time and again. 

So, what do we not do?

Have you ever thought about the things that do not run in our minds anymore? Things of the past that have gone into oblivion? During the course of our years, we think and act on all those  moments that we remember. We cry and laugh over them. We are deeply saddened about what is not there with us, and yet we feel heavy with the burden of memories that we carry around with us. 

But, if you think again you will realize that there are moments, time and people we have completely forgotten. Things that once were, and people who were once there in our lives. But not anymore....I am talking about those times of our lives when we had been hurt and shattered. But the funny part is, with time we moved on right? Have you ever thought why? How? 

It's simple. We forget things. We set them aside. We are human beings. It's in our nature to turn our back to the moments which have hurt us tried to destroy us. We don't understand this because it's so completely unintentional. 

And we are happy. It is now that is important to us. Not what has happened in the past. Past is darkness. Past is a never-ending canopy.

Just like we 'lead' our lives with memories in the bag. In the same way 'live' our lives storing the past into the oblivion. Burying them deep into the sea never to resurface again.....

Isn't it? 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Lie In Every Truth...Someone Knows It

"Our sincerest laughter. With some pain is fraught" - P.B Shelly 

So you wear a mask,  and you carry it everywhere you go. To fool people. It's so easy to do it right? Because everyone around you does it too. 

You think it will end someday, but something new starts afresh making you even more tired than before. Some new lies, those lies which are buried deep inside every truth that one tries to speak. So you say something and you want to believe it yourself. You want the world to believe it too. But...Oh Shit! You are caught. Uh huh, don't worry, no one is really bothered to catch you by the collar. It's you who is caught in your own act when you are standing in front of the mirror and looking at your self, staring in those eyes...thinking "dude, whom are you fooling". Be careful, there is someone else who stares at them too.

You talk and you talk, to hide the feelings inside you. The real feelings. You go on jabbering to hide the unidentified pain, thinking no one is going to notice. Thinking, you actually get away with what you speak. The truth?? Well, no not exactly.....

You can never run away from your loved one. They are invariably going to pluck out the lies in every truth that you try and utter. Did it happen with you? It has happened to me....several times....I have lost count basically.

You laugh, at least you try and give your best shot to make it sincere every time..but Ooopss! Hang on, there is this person sitting in front making you realize the 'lie' within.

While you are happy fooling the world around you ask questions to yourself. Millions of them, but you can never really find one answer to any of them. You go on consoling yourself that one day things will change and you will be happy. 

Yes, you will be only when you let that one person take control of your life. 

There are times when you are sick of truths. Just sick of even facing them because you know they are blended with lies, lies and lies.You feel so fatigued that you don't want to talk anymore, just want to hide, hibernate somewhere people would never find you out....But hey, you have to act as if everything is just so fine with you right?? 

Can you hide it from that person in your life? Don't even try to.

Respect, trust and love that person back for knowing you when the world still finds you a friendly stranger they met on the road.

That's where your happiness lies. That's what love is all about. That's your ray of hope. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Romancing The Rains - Randomly!

The season of some delicious pakoras, bharer cha, home-made kichuri, tele bhaja, adda, golpo, gaan, romance and unforgettable  memories.  (Sorry folks! couldn't help but use such Bengali phrases, sentiments you know!). Yes, the monsoons are finally here!

After the much sweat trickling weather, it's now the season of the first showers of relief and happiness. A season of folded cotton pants/jeans and rubber chappals, Hilsa and fruity mangoes. It's a season of raincoats and umbrellas,  just for the namesake? Never mind! It's the season of water logging and floods.  A season of experiencing icy waters cutting right across your skin.  

Ever seen how the little ones of the poor go berserk with joy when they feel the first gush of cold waters seep through their skin? 

And finally the season of breaking some rules and walks.....It doesn't matter if you have to face your mother's wrath as long as you get the chance to be completely soaked. So what if you really make a mess of yourself or your home with the water dripping down the whole place for once? It really doesn't count, does it, if for once in the whole year you be imprisoned in bed with running temperatures? And there are always medicine shops running 24 hours for an emergency at the wee hours. 

It's such an everlasting feeling to take that warm walk with your sweetheart, clutching his/her hand tight, sighing, smiling and laughing merrily, talking about everything so meaningless. A season full of never-ending romance.

A season of cloud blankets, cozy chairs, soft breeze, mug of coffee, day dreams, comfy nights, splashy dances and an amazing love making (Well, for almost all of us)! Whoa!

Ever noticed how difficult it gets to seek refuge for those who take shelter in the streets  - the homeless? Ever noticed how the season becomes a reason for some real extra earnings for the rickshaw pullers? Well, they are the only option left it seems when nearly all the cabbies of Kolkata just refuse you upright! 

The traffic suddenly becomes miraculously slow or to a halt. Ouch. Such a pain in all the wrong places. Your clothes become invariable damp. 'Nice 'n' dry' becomes a thing of the past. 

And there is nothing like writing something special on the window panes which remain misty all through. So, do you draw out your own name or your lover's? Or is it a a valentine heart? Or may be some comical pictures. If nothing else, all you do is clear it to see the incessant rain pour. 

My God! It's monsoons! It has it's butterfly days too and goes quickly as it comes. Some embrace it, others abhor it. For some it's love, for others it's pain. For some it's fantasy, for others it's a mere depressing reality....

 What's your take on it?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

No One Is Perfect. Deal With It.

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." - Marilyn Monroe

Absolutely. We often criticize other people. And yet it we lose lose faith in ourselves when we find others doing the same to us.  Ok, hold on! Take time and contemplate..... 

We all make mistakes. We all commit the wrong once in a while. We all fail and we get up to fall again. We all stumble. We all get out of control .We all go through some catastrophic emotions. We all can make hell break loose. The important thing to remember is that 'we all' do it. 

We all are imperfect. Yeah we are! So what! That is what makes us unique in our own ways. Don't you think life would get boring if everything and everyone was perfect around us? Most of the times relationships get complicated because we are not able to accept our loved ones for who they are. 

We want them to change, to start living the way we want them to. We always want them to be our own image. And we want everything to be perfect in them. But why? Why do we need them to change to love them?  Do you think it's fair? 

Let's not make it complicated. Let's just accept our loved ones for who they really are. Let's try and love them with all their imperfections. Consider your own self in their shoes. Ask yourself if you are a born perfectionist? When you are not then why demand others to be too?

No one is the perfect idol. They don't have to be. But if there is anything that can be perfect, that you should make perfect, is your feeling towards the person. Love, care, hold and hug perfectly. Give your loved one the feeling of security. A feeling that you will always be there, will always cling on to the very last. That's all that matters in the end. 

You need to know the right way to handle and deal with the dear ones when they grow difficult. Don't lose patience. Remember the times when you behave abominably and how does the other one finds ways to deal with you.  

Perfection is a myth. So, if you can deal with your loved ones at their worst. You definitely, any day, deserve them at their sublime best. Period. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Classroom Revisited

"When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood." - Sam Ewing

So its been ages since you must have finished schooling and grads. It's no more that fun-freaky-crazy student life. Its no more a time when breaking rules was amongst few of those real things that mattered to you. It's no more a time of reveries, paper balls, canings, kneel downs, morning prayers, talent contests, sports and science labs. It's no more a time of cheeky proposals, stupid infatuations and one day crushes. It's no more a time of silly fights, unity and friends.....And of course it's  no more a time of late night group studies (did we actually 'group study'? I wonder sometimes), last minute preps and a final helping hand in the exam!

How often does all this cross your mind? You must be too busy to think of all the lost days of a classroom. You must right now be in a another place, another time...It's seldom that you recollect the bygone memories of your second home..... But when one day you relax on the couch of your study, with nothing but just a hot cup of coffee to accompany you, I bet you revisit over and again that old classroom, where you spent nearly fifteen years of your life my dear reader! 

It is this classroom where you had learnt all the naughty tricks. Where you had learnt all the good things of life. Where you had learnt how to suppress witty laughters and hold back your tears. It is this class room where you have been insulted, embarrassed, praised and appreciated. It is the same classroom where mending things was the easiest thing to do, along with the stupid fights. It's the same place where you sent anonymous love letters to your 'sweetheart', and saw them get torn in front of your eyes.  

It's this classroom where you had always defended your best friend against accusations made by a teacher and it's the same place where you last talked to him/her because things went so horribly wrong between you two. It is this room where the same friends became sudden enemies for a couple of minutes in house defense. It's this room where you nearly got detained together. It's the same classroom from where you made narrow escapes.

It's the same classroom which helped you hide some of your most precious things under the desk. It's this place which supported you through all your nightmares (maths exam for example).  It's this place where you always laid your head down to sleep during those boring class hours, or hide your face while you have been hurt. 

It is this place where you had experienced some of the worst beatings from your least favorite teacher and it's place where you had the time of your life with the most favorite one. 

Water splashes, bottle battles, fractured noses, broken class doors, torn uniforms, dirty shoes, late to school, forgotten books, incomplete home tasks,  dancing in the rain, and bunking chapels were a regular affair...and so much more....

Classrooms stay forever. It's us who leave them behind to move on to another life altogether. Yet, when you step into the empty classroom you can still hear friendly echoes. You can still get the feel of the warmest moments spent.  You can still feel every heartbeat. You can still hear joyous screams and the shrill rings of bells. 

And if you listen a little more intently, you would definitely hear a loud cry of the helpless classroom calling out your name and asking you to come back to it yet another time. Just another time....

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Broken Crystal...Shattered Glass...

When it seems that someone has shattered your dreams....pick up even the smallest of pieces and use them to build bigger and better dreams.” 

A being...

Colorful walls of skin....furnishing full of blessings....rides of the heart...ripple of hopes.....tree of smiles.....waves of joy....

And then there is broken crystal...shattered mirror....scathed glass....

After all, it's a dream....bound to get shattered...after all it's a heart bound to get broken....

When a thing so beautiful as crystal, glass or a mirror accidentally slips out and shatters on the floor, what you find is a million small pieces lying still for you to pick each of the them up and finally dump them into the trash bin. Oh well, it might have been one of the most precious things for you. You might have got it as a gift from someone special in your life. 

So for some days you grieve and moan and are utterly hapless all the while. But it's just for some days. Then you slowly forget about it, right? Or may be to replace that you buy yourself another one such stunner. After a couple of months while remembering it, don't you get this 'it-happens-so-what' feeling? 

It's exactly the same with life. People come and go. Things happens. Much doesn't! Some live the dreams with you. You live your own wishes. Some would never break your heart. But most of the times you would get your heart broken as if it was a mere crystal or get your dreams shattered as if they were nothing but dyed glasses. 

Each one of us have a tote bag full of unique dreams and wishes. They vary from a person to another in every way possible. What does one do when one of these are not fulfilled? 

Let's ask ourselves then, do we stop living after that? Do we tend to lose all meaning of life? Do we lose faith and belief? Do we stop wishing? Do we not begin again? Do we not start afresh? Do we not figure out the next chapter of our lives...?

Even as I jot these words down I feel it's funny to write such because we do tend to break down, tend to be traumatized, freaked out and in a trance. But you see life can't always be a 'Cloud 9', can it?

Certain situations and circumstances change us and we are never the same. We are hurt and completely at a loss. Yet, we rise with every new dawn so as to wake up and find sunshine awaiting us.  Most importantly, you can never get a rainbow without a little rain...

Just like as it's not that easy to  let go of a dream or anything else that you have lived for a long time, something so close to your heart, at the same time you would never find anyone talking of it being an impossible mission. 

"......pick up even the smallest of pieces and use them to build bigger and better dreams.”