Monday, 26 September 2011

My Size Is An 'XS'

Oh yes! I wear an XS size. And i love it! And also because nothing else fits me! I go wild trying to choose a dress. I love it. I go to the trial room to check if this fits me. I pray,and keep my fingers crossed. But shit! Not my type! I grow sad and I whine. And finally I always have people around trying to pamper me with something else at least. And then I find it, yes i find it. Wow! i look nice, I see myself a dozen times in the mirror before I buy it, finally. 

Does it happen to you too, girl!?

As long as I remain an 'XS'. Because there is something else that saddens me. Taking myself ten years down the line.....

There you go.......Six years married with two kids, and wearing a size of, uummmm! XL!! Oh no! For a woman, there is no nightmare more gross and horrific than her weight! Isn't it? But who would really care about her aspirations, dreams, wishes and wants? Who would actually have the time to ask her about her wellness? 

Ten years down the line she is going to be a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law and a home maker. Sacrificing her whole self towards every one around (if not already). No one is really going to care if she has had her breakfast, neither would anyone care for her sleep. She would spend sleepless nights feeding her baby, walking around the room and balcony, only to make the baby sleep. Who would care for her heavy breasts or her 'kurti' size? Who would care to even turn around and give her a second look, (coz she was once so beautiful!, and still is. People would just not mind, anymore, not looking at her).
She would only be judged for something that she has forgotten to work out, to do. She would only be judged for her mistakes. She would only be pointed at for not fulfilling a certain promise to her 'family'. Her life would solely depend on her future generations. She is going to be judged on how well she is bringing up and nurturing her children. 

She cannot take a wrong step, she cannot go beyond the boundary. She cannot cross a certain line. She needs to be the 'perfect' woman. There can be no word as 'tired', 'alone', 'rest' or 'comfort' in her dictionary. She would take care of everything and everyone but herself. But, who really cares! To make her voice heard, she would sound rude. So it's best to shut up! Right! 

For those who are an exception! Congratulations. For those who aren't, well, I am waiting for a solution. 

Can people just do one favour? There are terms called remembered and thankful. Keep these words in your dictionary, so that you don't forget to appreciate her when you have the 'time', a little from your busy schedule. 

And for all you girls! Till then enjoy your size 'XS'.

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

When You Are Gone....

I can't breathe. Air with it's invisible cruel hand, tries to throttle me. But every time i escape and i regret. I regret for being alive. I regret that i survive without you. I don't want days to favor me. I don't want the ticking clock to loan me more time. I don't need space. I don't want suffocation. I just want you. I want to fly with you. But my wings are broken...When you are gone. 

I am trying to feel free. I am moving on, but not with life. I am riding on wheels which have long lost their essence to be strong. I am weak on my knees. I hate this feeling, a feeling so hollow and empty. It never seems to go away. I am always amidst a crowd, laughing, smiling, sighing and dying within with loneliness....When you are gone. 

I am tired. I am thirsty to take a look at you. I am thirsty to feel you in my arms again. I am going insane trying to make people hear me out. To scream at them to leave me alone. I am dying out waiting, waiting to whisper sinfully on your lips. Waiting to give my eyes some rest. Waiting for my solace to come back to me. Waiting for you to fulfill everything that I lost....When you are gone.

I want you to be happy. Very happy. I want you to fulfill all your dreams. I want you to come and tell me how you have been. I want to listen you speak, and make love to your voice along with the whole of you.

You are my reason to breathe, hope, survive, and finally live counting every moment waiting and asking myself, how long more do i have to wait before i can love you with fulfillment? 

Because you are gone.....

But i will be in you again, with you forever more like your shadow.....And i know such feelings are going to worth it in the end, it has been all the while before i met you. And it will be.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Furry Best Friends

Ok, so he can't talk....And that's the only thing he can't do. So what?

He feels. He listens to and understands every little thing you mention. Every little thing you tell him. He cries when you scold him, he growls when angry, he wakes you up from sleep, he follows you to bed. He clings on to all your trying to make it his own, he detests in sharing you with an outsider. He is possessive....yes!

He lends a patient ear when you talk to him because you feel lonely and you don't have anybody else to talk to. He sits beside you when you read, he keeps secrets. He welcomes guests and makes them feel warm. He tries to stop you when you are leaving for the day, and complains when you are back. Yet loves you because you are finally back home. 

He hates getting his ears pulled, but he would love biting and licking you till he is satisfied. He becomes too obedient when given a treat but can take away your sleep if it's time for his snack. 

He wakes people up early morning because it's time for his walk, but hates getting disturbed when he takes a nap under the bed. He  nudges you with his wet nose right in the middle of the night, he pushes you off the bed when he doesn't get enough space to sleep. 

He loves, he cares, he protects like a best friend. He gives you company when the world is silent. He protects you when you are alone, and consoles you when you are weeping your heart out. He struggles with you, give you all the happiness of the world. 

The only thing wrong with him - He doesn't expect, hope, and want anything in return. He does not hate, or conspire. He is not ungrateful nor is he unfaithful. He doesn't desire, dream or wish. 

I guess they are everything that we humans are not.....That is what sets them apart. Entirely apart from the rest of the world.

They are the furry best friends.

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