Monday, 12 December 2011

Tick Tock Goes The Clock....

"They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself" - Andy Warhol

TIME. It's ticking.  

Sounds a little off to many but the statement surely explains a lot to quite a few people. At least it does to me. Time, they say changes everything, well? Now how true can that be when it is you who needs to solve matters. It is you who needs to forget the past, it is you who needs to mend situations, it is you who needs to think, act, react, judge and take control of your life. 

So, you still think it's Time, who is kind of cool! Tick tock goes the clock, and all you do is wait, wait till it's all over, wait for things to go haywire, wait for nothing to work out anymore. And finally end of it all, you find Time has betrayed you yet another time and run away. 

Good times, bad times, better times and worse times. You can hold nothing back. But there is surely one thing you can hold on to. Yourself. It is yourself that makes you keep going and not Time. The best time comes to you because you have earned it, the reason you go through the worst time at some point in your life, is because you deserved it. You are responsible for everything that happens, and not Time. Because you have underestimated yourself and have let others do so too. So, where is She playing a role in this?
Do you feel you can trust Her? Hang on, can you see Her mocking at you? Can you see Her playing games wearing a cloak of disguise? Can you see how relentlessly She is trying Her best to tick faster? And you like a fool are just waiting. Waiting for your life to settle, waiting for the right path to curve itself. Your anticipation never seem to seize. Does it? It goes on flowing with every heart beat and you become completely oblivious to the fact that She is gone! A Time gone forever. 

And once again She fooled you! And you have let Her. What are you doing now, crying it out? Poor you!

It is an inevitable mistake that you commit, I commit, everyone of us commit. We trust Time. We keep faith in her to mend situations, people and circumstances. Bring a change in your life. Act now. Be a survivor and guard yourself. Be a player and win it all. Be life and live it. 

Look at Her, she is ticking away to glory! 

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  1. Wow. It's awesome. You really know how to grip the reader and that too! happily! :)

    Mistakes are inevitable. It all depends upon us to either get up and fight or to sit down and curse time!