Friday, 30 December 2011


My last blog for the year of 2011. 

"It's not the years in life that count, it's the life in your years" 

A year gone by. Things changed. We changed. We changed situations, and situations changed us. 

Change is inevitable. It is the only thing that remains constant. Everything else is just a matter of time. It's been a year of happiness. A year of sadness. A year that has given me ample and yet has taken away quite a lot. 

My grand-father passed away, a great loss to the family, to me. And I could do nothing. I regretted not having spent enough time with him. I miss him so much! I got an appraisal, happy moment to live for. My relationships grew stronger. I lost people, I gained people......
I don't know where to stop. Because I can't find the manner in which to begin. There are so many things to say and yet no right words to express it. The whole year surely didn't go for a waste, but it wasn't too fruitful either. I was  too much in a rush to even think of anything. Kept on running, kept on hunting, kept on striving to achieve the twinkling stars looking above. But I failed to look down, failed to stop, failed to stand for a moment and think. Even though I heard people calling me, asking me to stop and tag them along with me. Should I feel guilty? 

Everything happened so fast, like in a blink of an eye. And I never stood still. Not even for once. I ran with time. I perished. May be. 

Just two more days before the year ends and I can't figure out exactly where I stand. Too many people, too many memories, too many talks, too many reactions, too many voices shouting out! Crowd! Yet NOTHING. 

Was I a loser, was I a winner? Was I! Was I! ! Did I make other people happy? Did others make me happy? Where are we today? Just building virtual relationships with people on the other side? What about the ones around us? Did we have time enough for them?

As we witness another beginning, make yourself understand that it is not your job, money or any other materialistic things in life that will make you happy, it is the ones whom you have grown with. Who have grown with you. Love them, respect them, stand beside them when there is still time.

A day will come when they will not be there anymore and that day all you are going to do is regret, like I did. So, this year without a second thought resolute to stay with your loved ones. Give them time. Love them, hug them and tell them how glad you are to have them in your life. 

Before they CHANGE. And go away.....


  1. A lot to learn from the post.

    "You better start swimming...or you ll sink like a stone..coz the time they are a-changing.." - Bob Dylan

    :) Thank you Sneha.

  2. I agree Sneha with you. The beginning line was super awesome.
    Wish you a very happy new year:)

  3. Thank you and wishing you and your family a very happy new year too. :)